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Dye anti-stain protector - DYE PROTECT

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✓ Anti-stain protector

✓ Protects the skin from possible irritations

✓ Free of mineral oils

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Data sheet

200 ml.


Tassel's anti-stain protector for dyes, DYE PROTECT, is a product designed to help prevent hair dye stains on the skin during the dye application process. In addition, it also prevents possible skin irritations caused by dyes.

This protectant is formulated with ingredients that create a barrier between the skin and the dye, helping to prevent staining of the skin during application. Its creamy texture makes it very pleasant to apply.


- Protects the skin from spots and possible irritations.

- Avoid annoying itching caused by dye.

How to use:

Apply directly to the hairline, ears, nape of the neck, and any other areas that may come in contact with the dye. The cream or gel absorbs quickly into the skin and forms a protective layer that prevents the dye from staining the skin.

It is important to note that color stain protectant is not 100% effective and some staining on the skin is still possible. For this, it is recommended to use, at the end of the dyeing process, the dye stain remover.

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