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Sponges are one of the most effective tools to apply make-up’s foundation and concealer; they help to spread out uniformly and without marks.

Make-up sponges have several forms and qualities. The form is not important; they can be triangular, round, square, etc… Each professional could choose which he want.

They are sponges to apply powder, these are different, and we call this powder puff. Sponges can be used to apply liquid and cream foundation and concealer. Just put some foundation directly on the sponge and with this apply the product on your skin, you can also put the product on your skin but is better to use it with the sponge to control better the quantity. Don’t put a lot of product to avoid putting too much foundation. Concealer is applied in the same form.

Sponge can be used dry or wet depending on the appearance you want to reach, both methods give good results.

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