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Cosmetics Manicure and Pedicure

To realize treatments in hands and foots is necessary to classify the cosmetics according to his application phase, knowing their properties, as well for his active principles for his cosmetic form. In this section we present you the necessary cosmetics for each manicures and pedicure phase. In the treatments we found several phases and, in each one the objective is different; preparation phase, we use hygienic cosmetics oriented to prepare the skin to receive the treatment core, cleaning and improving it for better active principles absorption; treatment phase, this cosmetics are oriented to treat esthetic deviances, trying to return normality to the tissues. They are different cosmetics forms to present them, but in all the active principles concentration will be high. They are cosmetics with a high active principles concentration, they are absorbed immediately because of his excipient, which is normal a watery base, emulsion or gel. This type of cosmetics should accomplish 4 premises: a high active principles concentration, immediately absorption, quick action and deep reparation; finalization phase, we apply cosmetics oriented to normalize the skin ph and to protect the epidermis. For these, the cosmetic forms used incorporate active substances according to the treatment required. We apply these cosmetics with a thickness layer and an exposition time; they need to have certain adhesion to the skin and facility to eliminate.

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