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Save now buying Semilac Nail Polish Paks

Enjoy a great discount when buying any of the following Semi Permanent Nail Polish Packs from the prestigious brand Semilac. Each pack contains a wide selection of colors, so you just have to choose how much of nail polish you are going to buy:

Pack 20 semi-permanent nail polish

Pack Semilac S (20 Polish)

Selection of 20 Semilac semi-permanent nail polish. If you buy this pack of 20 top selling colors you will receive a discount of 10%.

 159,00 €
143,10 € -10%
7,16 € per unit

Pack 50 semi-permanent nail polish

Pack Semilac M (50 Polish)

50 Semilac semi-permanent nail polish. By buying this large nail polish’s pack with various colors, you will receive a discount of 15%.

 397,50 €
337,88 € -15%
6,76 € per unit

Pack 100 semi-permanent nail polish

Pack Semilac L (100 Polish)

Full pack of 100 Semilac semi-permanent nail polish with all the colors you need. You will receive a discount of 20%.

 795,00 €
636,00 € -20%
6,36 € per unit
PackQuantityDiscountUnit PriceSavings
Pack Semilac S 20 10% 7,16 € 15,80 €
Pack Semilac M 50 15% 6,76 € 59,62 €
Pack Semilac L 100 20% 6,36 € 159,00 €

Buy Nail Polish by Color

Fall-Winter 2016-17 Colors

To make your manicures and pedicures the latest fashion, besides being perfect, you should have in your collection these trendy shades. Below you have the colors of the season in nail polishes:

All colors

If you prefer to choose your favorite nail polishes personally, we make it easy for you. Click on a color to view all related shades:

Buying Nail Polish Got Easier in

Buying nail polish online got more simple: now you can buy discounted packs of nail polishes or easily select what colors you want.

As an online store specializing in products for beauty professionals, we strive to provide quality products and help you provide a better service to your customers. We offer packs of semi-permanent nail polishes with quantity discounts, so you can buy what you need faster and at a great price.

In addition, we have improved our catalog so you can easily filter all nail polishes by basic colors. Use the links on this page or the filters you will find in the left side of the products listings. This way you can quickly find what you need, whether is a traditional nail polish or asemi-permanent nail polish.

Moreover, remember that in Material Estética you can find everything you need for manicure and pedicure/a>: accessories, files and buffers, tips, brushes, liquids, furniture, etc. You can also take with you these complete manicure and pedicure kits with everything necessary to get started.

In our blog for beauty professionals we have a section dedicated to manicure and pedicure, with tips, guides, and news.


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