Manicure for the care of hands and nails

We all know the word manicure and everything it involves: nails filing, application of hydrating cream and polishing. Nevertheless, we can also differentiate some methods to carry out a perfect and professional manicure, expressly dedicated to take care of our nails, and also improving and strengthening the care for our hands.

To maintain our nails pretty, it is necessary to keep an almost daily and thorough care (avoiding bites, keeping them hydrated, cleaning the cuticle…). In this matter, there some manicure-based treatments for the care of the nails:

Paraffin Manicure

manicure and parafinThis type of treatments is ideal of dry and ruined hands and nails, a consequence of different factors such as usage of excessively hot water, lack of gloves, direct contact with detergent and other chemical elements…

Paraffin manicure is based in a container with hot paraffin in which the person puts their hands. Depending on the conditions of the hands, they will have to stay immersed among 15 and 30 minutes, absorbing the necessary nourishment. They are finally taken out and given a massage with natural oil in order to relax and hydrate the hands of the person.

Restoring manicure

This manicure model can help hugely improve blood circulation and the condition of hands themselves, in case they were dry or neglected. In the restoring manicure several natural products are used for a professional dermatologic assistance: aloe, almond oil, algae…

Hot Stone Manicure

Manicure using hot stones is directly focused on the hydration and relaxation of hands and nails. During the treatment, hands are moistened and massaged just like in a conventional manicure. Nevertheless, the massage is done with hot stones that are placed over the hand.

Spa Manicure

Closeup of a therapist massaging a handWithin this group of manicure focused on the care of hands and nails, spa manicure is, perhaps, the most used in aesthetic centers. This is because the treatment has many variants on its methods since it can even use paraffin hand immersion. Even though the most common treatments are salt aromatic massages or hydrating hand masks. To finish the spa manicure; a cuticle, cut and file treatment is applied as well as nail polish according to each person favorite color.

Besides these treatments there are also conventional manicures focused in the care and beauty of the nails: basic, french or american manicure as well as artistic manicure which is so trendy lately.

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Next, you can see a video about the ways you can let your imagination fly in the artistic manicure art:

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