Foot corn and callus professional removal

Summer is over and the boots are beginning to come out of the wardrobes. Perfect time to pamper the major sufferers of this summer seasons consequences: the feet.

The heat and lack of hydration are considered some of the direct causes of cracked heels, corns and calluses, as well as the continued use of unwise shoes (sandals without a heel).

At Material Estética we are aware of the need for a complete and professional pedicure to heal and reduce this thick, hard layer of skin which usually manifests in heels.

That’s why here, we expose a healing process for calluses and corns with our flagship product for foot care: Duribland. A perfect callus softener and cuticle remover that allows safe removal, without cuts or filings.

  1. To begin treatment the calluses must be covered with a layer of dry cotton and trickled with Duribland until soaked.
  2. Leave on for about 10 minutes, regularly adding a few drops of the softener product to keep the cotton wet and in contact with the affected area.
  3. Remove the cotton and act instantly on the callus using the spatula or scraper at hand, by scanning to remove the softened area.
    In our online store we have some very effective tools for pedicures, such as the titanium callus scraper, our corn cutter with a plastic handle, or the long pedicure file.
  4. It will be necessary to repeat this action as often as deemed necessary by the professional for correct foot sanitation.
  5. Subsequently, it will be necessary to clean and polish the treated area with a nylon bristle nail brush.
  6. Finally, wash the feet with plenty of water and apply cream to provide necessary hydration to the skin, accompanied by a pleasant and gentle massage. At Material Estética we recommend the foot moisturiser. A type of easy application ointment that isn’t sticky, ensuring improved treatment results.
Duribland on the foot Foot corn spatula pedicure cleaning Pedicure massage

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