Infrared light in aesthetic treatments

Lámpara infrarrojaThe use of heat as a therapy is widely used in physiotherapy to treat injuries and for pain relief. However, we must not forget either that its effects also have aesthetic benefits. Often the infrared light is applied as a supplement or in combination with other treatments used; such as pressotherapy or electro stimulation.

Several scientific studies support the healing and therapeutic power of near-infrared light. For example, at the University of Ulm (Germany) they have discovered that the red light alters the physical properties of the water inside the cells, accelerating the chemical reactions that provide power to it.

Effects of infrared light

  • Analgesic (pain reliever): exposure to infrared heat produces muscle relaxation, increasing its elasticity. Reduces spasms and muscle fatigue. The intensity of the analgesic effect depends on the temperature, time of application and the patient.
  • Vasodilation: there is an increased blood flow into the treatment area. Furthermore, in the rest of the body there is also dilation of the veins and arteries, and the heart rate increases.
  • Decreased blood pressure: blood vessels dilate causing blood pressure to drop.
  • Cell revitalisation: heat activates the metabolic processes improving cellular nutrition.
  • Reduces blood clotting and there is greater lymphatic supply to tissues. Meaning, defenses increase: more pathogens are resorbed, increases bactericidal and anti-inflammatory action.
  • Increased surface temperature: there may be some sweating. The skin of the treated area will increase its permeability and sensitivity of nerve endings will reduce.

Infrared heat therapy treatment duration ranges from 10 to 30 minutes, depending on the selected intensity and the effect to be achieved. The professional must choose the right time according to the treatment and there should be continuous monitoring, because an excess of infrared light can cause dizziness due to low blood pressure.

Also, heat therapy shouldn’t be used when the patient suffers from inflammatory conditions, bruised muscles and joints, nor when the patient suffers from a vascular disease.

The infrared lamp

Lámpara de infrarrojo para tratamientos de estéticaAt Material Estética you can purchase an infrared lamp equipped with a large 275W bulb, to use in heat therapy treatments.

It comes mounted on a wide base with wheels, which ensures, on one hand, easy movement, and on the other, more than enough stability so that the lamp doesn’t fall on the patient.

Also, it has a hinged arm that folds in three points. This allows you to move and secure the lamp easily and safely, being able to achieve optimal guidance for applying the treatment on the desired area.
This lamp, as with all products from, has all the guarantees and complies with EU directives.

Its use is really simple. It has just two switches: one to turn on and off the device and another to regulate light intensity. After finishing each treatment it is recommended to put the intensity switch on the minimum, so to leave it prepared for the next treatment and to avoid any risk.

Do not touch the bulb during or after the treatment (up to half an hour after) to prevent burns, as the bulb reaches high temperatures and becomes extremely hot. If you need to move the lamp, first unplug it and then hold it by the bottom part.

In addition, you can also apply heat therapy treatments using steam, as we told you about in the article “Ozone Steamer for Aesthetic Treatments.

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