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Benefits of thermal water on the skin

Selvert Thermal hides all the wisdom of nature in its products. They use active ingredients of natural origin. Among them, stands out the thermal water, which has been chosen for its richness in trace elements: over 40 active ingredients provide excellent therapeutic qualities.

A Swiss formulation


Their lines of treatment, in both traditional and cutting-edge cosmetics, are highly developed. Serlvert philosophy for more than 25 years has been to serve as a connection between the aesthetic professional and their client to find the treatment that suits the needs of each woman and her lifestyle.

Innovative product lines are the result of a large research effort: they conduct regular studies to improve each formulation, created with all the rigor and professionalism of the best experts in high technology cosmetics.

For several years, with funding by Selvert Thermal laboratories, a group of dermatologists and pharmacists members of the Cosmetic Committee of the European Union have conducted an in-depth study in search of active ingredients that:

  • Undoubtedly demonstrate, activity and effectivness on the skin, and that complement complex dermatological treatments.
  • Were substances for cosmetic use and therefore entirely safe in its application.
  • Will potentiate the effects of thermal water by Selvert Thermal.

The result is an active and effective cosmetic technology, which responds to the needs of users and which serves to support professionals of modern aesthetics for the execution of treatments.

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