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Ozone steamer for aesthetic treatments

How does the ozone steamer work?

This aesthetic device converts water into steam and ozone. The machine has a water tank and an electric resistance to heat it. The steam comes out controlled by a diffuser, which should be placed on the treatment area. When ozone generation is activated, within the device an ultraviolet lamp converts the  O2 (Oxygen) into O3 (Ozone), which is then expelled by the diffuser.

The steam, which comes out slowly and without drips, generates a pleasant feeling and multiple positive effects on the skin.

What are its effects?

beauty-treatment-magnifying-lampTreatments with ozone purify and oxygenate the skin, not only the face but also the body. The steam has the following benefits:

  • Opens pores, helping to get rid of pimples, blackheads, traces of makeup and impurities.
  • Purifies and hydrates the epidermis.
  • Relaxes the muscles, sense of wellbeing.
  • Stimulates glandular function, helping the elimination of toxins.
  • Promotes blood circulation and clears the nasal passages.

In addition, ozone steam has two important effects:

  • increases tissue oxygenation as well ascelullar
  • bactericidal and germicidal effect; it helps remove bacteria and deeply purify the skin.

Ozone steamer treatments

The versatility of this device allows for use in multiple treatments.

Facial cleansing treatment

For the aforementioned benefits, ozone vaporizers are used to perform deep cleansing of the face, often accompanied by the use of specific lotions.

Aromatherapy treatment

Some steamers have a small deposit for essential oils. This compartment can be found in the head part, along with the diffuser that the steam comes out of.

With this treatment, which can be used separately or as a complement to another treatment, a pleasant feeling is generated. The micro diffusion of essences, ie, an aromatherapy session, deeply relaxes and creates a sense of wellbeing.

Herbal treatment

Some high-end steamers include a small compartment in which medicinal herbs can be added. Thus, it is possible to add the effects of these plants to the benefits of the steam and ozone.

In this case, the compartment for the herbs is often located inside the tank and has filters suitable so that no solid elements get into the machinery and clog it.

Complement to other treatments

ozone vaporizer with maginfying lampThe steam opens the pores and facilitates deep cleaning of the skin. Therefore, the vaporizer is often used for purifying treatments.

In addition, it is also used in many other treatments: such as facial rejuvenation treatments, peeling, masks, etc. In this case, once the cleansing has been done, the vaporizer is used to keep the pores open and achieve maximum penetration of the product and its active ingredients.

Also often used are circular massage techniques or with a brush to further increase product penetration.

Treatment duration

The application time depends on each treatment and the area being treated, but generally, it’s used for 5 to 10 minutes on the face and 10 to 15 min. on the rest of the body. As a general reference, 5 sessions per week could be carried out and then one every 22 days for maintenance, in any case it depends on the treatment being carried out.

Contraindications: use is not recommended in patients with dermatitis or vasodilatation problems. These treatments can be used with all skin types, but in patients with sensitive skin or very large pores, it is recommended to reduce exposure times, or cover the affected area.

Ozone steamer components

Generally, an ozone steamer device consists of the following elements:

  • Water tank. You must have the appropriate amount of water according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Make sure it is in the correct and safe position before turning on the machine. Also, keep in mind that it can become very hot when in operation.
  • Control unit. The most modern vaporizers include a digital display that enables convenient control of various parameters such as the steam pressure or using a timer.
  • Diffuser head. It’s an arm that releases the steam. In the high-end models, the head offers considerable freedom of movement, so that it can be placed in the most comfortable position for both the patient and the professional carrying out the treatment.
  • Essence deposit. Some devices have an additional compartment for essential oils that would allow aromatherapy treatments to be carried out.
  • Mobile stand. Some steamers come on a stand with wheels that allows the device to move comfortably between different treatment rooms.
  • Other accessories. High-end steamers incorporate instruments such as lamps, magnifiers and other elements to facilitate the work of the professional, with the convenience of having everything you need at hand.

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