galvanic beauty treatment

Galvanic current for a renewed face

Galvanic current equipments use two diodes in the shape of a roller or a ball that generate a sustained flow of electrons from a positive to a negative pole. Thus, by iontoforensis (i.e. transfer of ions),  it is possible the penetration of active ingredients into the skin for deep cleansing facial treatments.

Treatments with galvanic energy

Before starting any treatment, the skin should be washed and dried thoroughly. This prevents any dirt or other product than lotion from penetrating the skin.

Then, it is applied the appropriate skin lotion according to the type of treatment. This ionic lotion has an electrical charge that allows it to move toward the pole of opposite sign, through the skin.

How the galvanic current (iontophorensis) works


First, spread a lotion with alkaline pH (pH greater than 7) on the treatment area and then, apply the current with the correct polarity. The continuous flow of energy will facilitate the penetration of the lotion on the skin, softening and liquefying the accumulated sebum in follicles of oily skins. If it is dry skin, the treatment stimulates the blood circulation.

Ionization (penetration)

Apply a lotion with acid pH (with pH less than 7) on the area to be treated and then, activate the current with the correct polarity for the ionization treatment. The continuous power will boost the penetration of the active ingredients of the lotion into the skin. This mode closes the pores after a facial treatment. It also decreases the redness of the skin after an acne, pimples and blemishes treatment.

The sessions usually last 10-15 minutes, for a maximum of 3 times a week.

Professional galvanic equipment

Galvanic instrument for professionalsThis equipment is available at It has been designed specifically for beauty professionals. It has two electrodes to place two rollers or two balls, according to the treatment. It also has a straight electrode which the patient must hold, as it functions as earth wire, ie, it closes the circuit and allows the application of energy.

This instrument is safe as it emits an electrical current of low power (5 W) and low intensity (30 · 650 microamperes). Galvanic current treatments are painless, non-invasive and highly effective in local applications.

The machine uses two electrodes, one with positive polarity and one with negative polarity. Under the positive pole vasoconstriction occurs, oxygen is released and protein coagulates. Under the negative just the opposite: hydrogen is released and it is vasodilator.

Benefits of galvanic treatment

The main benefit is a deep skin cleansing. The skin of the faceis more exposed and suffer with sunlight, pollution and even with makeup. Galvanic treatments achieve a real cleaning, allowing the cleanser and nutrients are absorbed by the skin.

Moreover, these treatments improve the microcirculation of the skin, toning it; improving its texture and softness.

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