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Mesoterapia virtual
  • Mesoterapia virtual
  • Mesoterapia virtual
  • Mesoterapia virtual
  • Mesoterapia virtual
  • Mesoterapia virtual

Virtual Mesotherapy & Ultrasounds

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Virtual Mesotherapy

New technique that involves the application of microinjections into the dermis layer for applying active ingredients and enhancing results in multiple of facial and body treatments. Electroporation consists of medium-frequency of low modulated currents enabling the absorption of the active ingredients through the skin. The active substances penetrate through the dermis due to change of polarity of the cell membrane induced by the electrode application. Treatments as rejuventation, flaccidity, wrinkles, double chin, stretch marks, cellulite, skin dehydration, lack of vitamins, antioxidants and collagen.


  • Fights sagging of facial or body.
  • Reduces expression and fine lines.


Facial and body:

  • Favors the penetration of active ingredients.
  • Attenuation of expression marks.
  • Accumulation of fat reduction
  • Hydration and deep skin regeneration
  • Attenuation of cellulite recovering elasticity and shining
  • Skin tightening
  • Activates the blood circulation.


Ultrasound was introduced into the field of aesthetics in the 80s and have become a sought treatment due to its excellent results in skin care.

  • Mechanism: The device emits a mechanical vibration of 300 million times per second for the intensive massage of skin cells, resulting in an immediate improvement of cell metabolism and blood circulation, in addition to greatly promote the absorption of nutrients.
  • Thermal Function: Heat of ultrasound improves vascular function and metabolism, increases blood circulation and produces a calming effect. It also has a relaxing effect on the muscles of the body.
  • Chemical function: The ultrasound wave has a stimulating effect and speed up metabolism. It can also change the pH of the skin that improves alkalinity, which leads to absorption and increases the treatment effect.

Effects of sonication

  1. Attenuation of capillary red marks.
  2. Scar removal: the mesotherapy doesn´t only improves a dry skin, but also improves the metabolism and blood circulation, which helps eliminating the marks and scars.The results improve considerably when you combine specific skin treatments. In general we reccomend 10 sessions of treatment every 2 days.
  3. Elimination of excess pigment in the skin: for the removal of excess pigment, it is recommended to combine the application of ultrasound with a Vitamin C cream.
  4. The results are already visible in the 3rd session, although it is recommended to complete the treatment with 10 to 40 sessions, depending on the case.
  5. Elimination of Hypodermic spots and excessive pigmentation: ultrasound helps to btreak the cell membrane and prevent stain formation. Treatment of 10 sessions is recommended for this, and make a 1 week break before starting any new treatment.
  6. Elimination of fine lines, blood coagulation and skin tightening: by applying ultrasonic massage, first membranes hypodermic cells are modified. Thus, it is possible to eliminate fine wrinkles.
  7. Elimination of dark circles: massage by applying ultrasonic blood and lymphatic circulation also improves the hypodermic absorption due to thermal function. Thus, the excess water and stored fat is removed to get rid of dark circles and puffiness arount the eyes. A proper maniple massage should be applied in the same direction as the skin texture. Watch out that you don´t touch the eyeball.
  8. Healing scars or swellings: ultrasound should be applied along with other curative creams on the affected skin area for one minut.

Cold hammer handpiece

  • The cold handpiece is designed and manufactured with the latest advances in technology. IT has also been manufactured in a way that it is reliable and safe.
  • Helps the sensitive skin.


  • Machine
  • Ultrasonic handpiece
  • Mesotherapy maniple
  • Cold hammer handpiece
  • Mesotherapy body handpiece
  • Cable
  • 2 Fusbibles (2A)
  • Manual

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